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PR17- 27 Koutsogiane v. Cumberland Fire District No Violation

The Complainant made an APRA request seeking copies of expenses/costs for medical and dental insurance for all personnel for the months of June, July and August 2016. Based upon the evidence presented, the Fire District responded with records, but for the months of May, June and July, instead of June, July and August. The Fire District provided the Complainant with copies of the August records after he filed a complaint with this Department. This Department has previously determined it is unnecessary for us to consider whether a public body violated the APRA and therefore seek injunctive relief where a complainant receives the subject documents after filing an APRA complaint. See Farinelli v. City of Pawtucket, PR 16-27. Rather, we limit our inquiry to whether the public body willfully and knowing, or recklessly, violated the APRA. We found no such evidence in the instant case.

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