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PR 17- 29 DeWolf v. Town of Coventry No Violation

The Town of Coventry did not violate the APRA when the evidence revealed that although the Complainant did not comply with the Town's APRA procedures, the Town responded in a timely manner. The Complainant's rebuttal did not challenge that her APRA request was not made consistent with the Town's promulgated APRA procedure, and she admitted that she "did not notice [the Town's public records request form] when [she] wrote [her] request." Accordingly, since the APRA request was not made in a manner consistent with the applicable APRA procedures, we find that the Town did not violate the APRA. See Rosenfield v. North Kingstown School Department, PR 14-02 ("This Department has previously determined that an APRA request must first comport with a public body's APRA policy before we can decide whether a violation has occurred, and we see no reason to depart from the plain language of the APRA and our findings.").

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