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PR 17-33 Greenbaum v. City of Providence No Violation

It was undisputed that we had previously investigated, addressed, and resolved Complainant's prior allegations regarding his January 15, 2016 APRA request in Greenbaum v. Providence Police Department, PR 17-24. Complainant now sought to raise a new allegation of violation regarding the same APRA request, which he failed to previously raise. We noted that the piecemeal filing of separate complaints relating to the same APRA request is discouraged. See Clark v. West Glocester Fire District, PR 14-29, n.1; see also Clark v. West Glocester Fire District, OM 16-14, PR 16-51. While we did note the possibility that, in some limited situations where a complainant has articulated a sufficient reason for doing so, a complainant may file multiple complaints regarding the same APRA request, we found that here the Complainant failed to articulate any reason for splitting his claim. Accordingly, we declined to further review the matter.

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