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PR 17-53 Harris v. City of Providence No Violation Found

The Complainant alleged the City violated the APRA when it improperly denied her APRA request wherein she sought fourteen (14) calendar dates, all of which were prospective in nature, of one particular City Solicitor. We concluded these calendar entries would show precisely where and when this Solicitor could be located, potentially placing him in a vulnerable position. Additionally, the prospective calendars are also exempt pursuant to R.I. Gen. Laws 38-2-2(4)(K), which exempts in relevant part, "[p]reliminary drafts, notes, impressions, memoranda, working papers, and work products." The requested prospective calendars were subject to change due to cancellations, additions, and other changes. We concluded that the calendars related to future dates were exempt pursuant to Exemption (K).

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