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ADV PR 18-01 In re: Exeter Volunteer Fire Company No. 2

The Exeter Volunteer Fire Company No. 2 sought an APRA advisory opinion concerning whether the Company is a "public body" subject to the APRA. Based on R.I. Gen. Laws 38-2-2(1) and Reilly & Olneyville Neighborhood Association v. Providence Department of Planning and Development and/or Providence Redevelopment Agency, PR 09-07B, we looked at whether the Company acts on behalf of and/or in place of any public agency. The evidence demonstrated, inter alia, that in 2014 the General Assembly amended the law governing the Exeter Fire District such that the District has the authority to direct the actions of the Company. Accordingly, on the evidence presented, we opined that the Company was a "public body" under the APRA.

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