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RIDOH Issues Health Warning About Two Jarred Products

The Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) is advising people to not consume two specific jarred products because of processing, storage, and control issues.

- Jarred, stuffed cherry peppers from 1302 Marketplace (1302 Atwood Avenue, Johnston) should not be consumed. The cherry peppers are packaged in clear glass jars and do not contain labels or any identifying information. These products were not processed or stored properly. - Jarred, pure pork sausage from Silver Lake Sausage Shop (80 Ethan Street, Providence) should not be consumed. These products were not processed with the proper controls and approvals to ensure food safety. Inadequate processing allows for the survival of the toxin that can cause Botulism. Botulism can cause weakness, dizziness, double vision and trouble speaking, swallowing, or breathing. People experiencing these symptoms should seek medical attention.

These products should be discarded.

No illnesses have been associated with these products.

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