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OM 18-10 Langseth v. Air Service Development Council - Violation

The Complainant alleged the Air Service Development Council ("Council") violated the OMA when it failed to post its meeting meetings on the Secretary of State's website for its September 8, 2017 meeting in a timely manner. As it did not appear that the Council had legal counsel, this Department attempted on three (3) occasions to obtain a formal response from the Council's Special Advisor regarding these allegations. We received no substantive response. Through this Department's own investigation, we concluded that the September 8, 2017 meeting minutes were filed on the Secretary of State's website on December 4, 2017. The meeting minutes should have been filed no later than October 13, 2017. This Department determined it was appropriate to seek a supplemental response from the Council concerning whether the violation was willful or knowing, which would subject the Council to civil penalties.

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