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Raimondo Signs Executive Order Protecting Net Neutrality in Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE, RI - One day after the Federal Communications Commission rescinded federal net neutrality regulations, Governor Gina M. Raimondo signed an executive order protecting a free and open internet in Rhode Island.

"A free and open internet is essential to our democracy and economy," said Governor Raimondo. "Rhode Island was founded on a principle that there is a place here for everyone. By protecting a free and open internet in our small state, we're renewing that promise."

The governor's executive order requires internet service providers (ISPs) that contract with the state to commit to the principle of the previously defined net neutrality regulations. ISPs that wish to compete for state contracts may not block lawful content or applications, slow down access to lawful internet content, offer paid prioritization of content or applications or unreasonably interfere with users' ability to access lawful content or applications.

The Rhode Island General Assembly is considering legislation to make these protections permanent. If legislation passes both chambers, Governor Raimondo will sign the bills.

Full text of Governor Raimondo's executive order is linked below.

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