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Lt. Gov. McKee to Intervene in Public Utilities Commission Docket on National Grid Tax Windfall

PROVIDENCE, RI In a letter sent to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) today, Lt. Governor Dan McKee announced his intention to intervene in PUC Docket 4808 to ensure millions of dollars in utility tax windfall are redistributed to Rhode Island consumers.

McKee's announcement is the latest development in his multi-faceted effort to return the maximum amount of utility tax windfall to Rhode Islanders. The effort began in early January:

- January 5 - McKee sends a letter to the PUC calling for a rollback of National Grid's current and proposed utility rates in the wake of the federal corporate tax reduction. McKee becomes the first state leader to publicly call for the rate reduction.

- January 11 - National Grid agrees to use its tax windfall to lower proposed rates by approximately $25 million. McKee continues to call for the reduction of current rates retroactive to January 1 through September 30.

- January 23 - The House passes Resolution No. 7256 joining McKee in calling for the reduction of current utility rates.

- February 15 - The Senate passes Resolution No. 2318 joining McKee in calling for the reduction of current utility rates.

- March 12 - The PUC answers McKee's call, opens Docket 4808 and directs National Grid to create a plan to revise current utility rates. The plan must be submitted by May 1.

"I have been pursuing National Grid's tax windfall relentlessly since January because returning the windfall to consumers is a multi-million-dollar opportunity for energy relief. Rhode Islanders deserve relief," said McKee. "As lieutenant governor, I promised to represent the voice of Rhode Island families and small businesses at the PUC. I look forward to continuing to fulfill that promise by intervening in Docket 4808."

In his letter, McKee also strongly urged the PUC to handle Docket 4808 and its rate implications separately rather than combining it with the existing, more complicated Docket 4770 as requested by National Grid.

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