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RIDOT Statement: South County Freeway Bridge

Early this morning at the site of construction work on the South County Freeway Bridge which carries Route 4 northbound over I-95, several temporary steel plates which had been placed over the bridge joints became loose and shifted.

A number of vehicles, approximately 15 or 18, went over the plates and suffered damage to their vehicles. The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) has been on site and is removing all the plates from the road and placing asphalt mix in the road.

RIDOT will process the damage claims from these vehicles. The contact for claims is (401) 222-2492, EXT. 4101. This is the work zone claims number. A second number is (401) 734-4817. Petitioners can also file claims online at

RIDOT has been in touch with the contractor who is insured to cover the cost of claims but petitioners should report claims directly to RIDOT by going to the RIDOT home page ( or calling the RIDOT number which again is (401) 222-2492, EXT. 4101.

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  • Release date: 05-25-2018

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