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The Royal Treatment: DEM, RI Beekeepers Association To Distribute Queen Honeybees To Registered Beekeepers

PROVIDENCE The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) and Rhode Island Beekeepers Association (RIBA) will be distributing queen honeybees to registered RI beekeepers tomorrow at Rhode Island College. Funding for the project comes from a grant that is providing queens of superior genetic stock for introduction into the honeybee population in Rhode Island.

The distribution will take place as follows:

WHAT: Genetically-superior queen bees provided to beekeepers for "re-queening" of an existing hive

WHEN: Thursday, June 14, 2018 11 AM to 5 PM

WHERE: Rhode Island College Bee Education Center, behind the Sherlock Center

Eligibility and Rules: All registered beekeepers in Rhode Island are eligible to receive at least one queen honeybee. These study queens must be introduced to a nucleus colony with open and capped brood and nurse bees to maximize the chance for queen acceptance. The hive must live in Rhode Island.

DEM awarded a $27,400 farm viability grant to RIBA in 2015 for the project. RIBA is supporting this program by data tracking and assisting with the distributions. The project supports RIBA's ongoing efforts to develop its own breeding program and assists local beekeepers in invigorating and growing their colonies and increasing disease and mite resistance. In addition, the effort supports the viability of the honeybee population, increasing the yield and quality of Rhode Island fruit and vegetable crops.

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