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OM 18-21 McCutcheon v. Pascoag Fire District No Violation

The Complainant alleged that the Fire District violated the OMA when two meetings occurred outside the public purview and when she was instructed that she "need not" attend a public meeting. With respect to the first alleged meeting, we found no violation because there was no evidence that any of the members discussed or were told the thoughts, actions, or opinions of any other members and, accordingly, no rolling quorum existed. See Caldwell, et al. v. East Greenwich Town Council, OM 18-01 With respect to the second alleged meeting, we found no violation because no quorum of the public body was present. With respect to the final allegation, the evidence indicated that the Fire District instructed that the Complainant "need not" attend the meeting, not that she could not attend the meeting. We found no evidence that the Fire District barred the Complainant from attending the meeting. As such, we found no violations.

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