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RIDOT taking steps to alleviate traffic congestion on I-195

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) today announced a series of steps it will take to alleviate traffic congestion on I-195 at the Washington Bridge westbound in advance of local school openings.

Contractors are working through this weekend to reinstitute a fourth travel lane on I-195 West across the Washington Bridge. This will allow traffic that is coming from the Taunton Avenue on-ramp (Route 44) to have its own lane and not have to merge with traffic already on I-195 West.

The work started Saturday, August 25 and will continue until 6:00 a.m. on Monday to accommodate the Monday morning commute. RIDOT will monitor the reduction in congestion expected from reopening the Taunton Avenue on-ramp and will look at the possibility of opening a fifth lane on Tuesday along with other possible adjustments.

RIDOT will also remove the barrier on I-195 West between the Broadway ramp and the Parkway Bridge tonight to allow for an additional travel lane and further alleviate congestion. RIDOT had already posted additional personnel on Taunton Avenue to help move cars safely to the left-hand lanes for left-hand turns.

During this work, RIDOT will continue to monitor traffic volume in order to make other adjustments as needed.

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