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State of Rhode Island Distributes Active Shooter Kits

WARWICK- Schools, movie theatres, concerts, even shopping centers can be targets for active shooters. Unfortunately, these horrific incidents have all too often become a grim reality. While we can't always stop them, we do have some capability to minimize the loss of life. That is why the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency is strategically distributing twenty Active Shooter Response Kits to throughout the state. These kits contain tourniquets, bandages, blood clotting agents, and other medical products necessary to stop someone from bleeding. "It's all about getting to the hospital alive, where medical professionals can take over," says RIEMA Executive Administrator Marc Pappas. "These kits increase survivability." RIEMA distributed the kits today at Community College of Rhode Island, one of the kit recipients. The kits are made possible by a grant from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) State Homeland Security Program. These kits combined with programs such as the DHS "Stop the Bleed" initiative and FEMA's "You're the Help Until Help Arrives" program can dramatically increase the chances of survival. "As active shooter scenarios have become an unfortunate reality in our society, it is imperative that first responders and emergency medical service practitioners have rapid access to hemorrhage control tools to emergently treat victims," says Jason Rhodes, Chief of Rhode Island Emergency Medical Services for Rhode Island Department of Health. "Seconds are critical when attempting to minimize the loss of blood volume in a multiple patient incident. These kits provide the tools necessary for EMS professionals to provide prompt emergency care." "The kits mean immediate access to stopping trauma related to an active shooter incident," says Narragansett Fire Chief Scott Partington, whose town hosts the Blessing of the Fleet which attracts thousands of people every year. He would like to see these response kits in schools, and at beaches and parks. "We are going to work with lifeguards, parks and camp counselors to get them trained on these kits." The entire month of September is National Preparedness Month. Of significant importance is the second week which has been deemed "Learn Life Saving Skills Week." RIEMA has chosen September 14th specifically as it is the day before FEMA's "National Day of Action."


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