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PR 18-28 OM 18-25 Musella v. Central Coventry Fire District No Violation

The complainant alleged the Fire District violated the APRA by failing to post its APRA procedures on its website. Because the Fire District's website presently contains its APRA procedures, this Department determined that injunctive relief was not appropriate. Also, there was no evidence of a willful and knowing, or reckless violation, assuming that the Fire District's past conduct violated the APRA. The complainant also alleged the Fire District violated the APRA by not having a mechanism to make an anonymous APRA request. This Department found no APRA violation because although the Fire District's public request form included fields for identifiable information, no evidence was submitted that the Fire District required her to provide such information as a condition to having any public records request fulfilled. The complainant alleged that the Fire District violated the OMA by failing to maintain meeting minutes at its office and failing to post minutes for certain meetings. This Department found that the complainant lacked standing to bring the OMA complaint because she did not demonstrate that she was aggrieved by the alleged OMA violations, that the meetings complained of were cancelled, and/or that the subject meetings did not fall within the scope of the OMA.

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