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What They're Saying: Raimondo Announces Angélica Infante-Green as Recommendation for New Education Commissioner

Following the announcement that Governor Raimondo is recommending Angélica Infante-Green for Rhode Island's next Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education, education leaders across the country are voicing support for Angélica. National advocates, state officials in Rhode Island and New York, and former colleagues agree: Angélica is a passionate, dedicated leader who will serve Rhode Island students well. Read what they're saying below. _________________________________________________________________

"Angelica Infante-Green is a lifelong advocate for students and families in our public schools, particularly those who have been underserved. She's always been deeply connected to communities, and she'll work hard to support effective partnerships between schools and families in Rhode Island as she takes on this vital leadership role."

- Dr. John B. King, Jr., President & CEO of The Education Trust and Former U.S. Secretary of Education

"Governor Raimondo has made an outstanding choice with her selection of Angélica Infante-Green as our next Commissioner. Angélica will be Rhode Island's first Commissioner of color, and will make sure we are focused on raising the bar for ALL students across the state. She knows from her own story the life-changing power of a good education, and it's clear she will work tirelessly to raise expectations for every kid in Rhode Island."

- Jim Vincent, President of Providence NAACP

"Angélica Infante-Green is the child of two immigrant parents, and deeply understands the power of education to save lives. This work is deeply personal to her. As a mom, she will fight for all kids the way she fights for her own. As a former teacher, she will support our educators with the resources they need and deserve. And as a Latina, she sends a powerful message to so many kids in my community of who they can become. I'm thrilled to have her in Rhode Island."

- James Diossa, Mayor of Central Falls

"Equity in education stands as a top priority for Angelica Infante-Green. She's earned the respect of so many of us in New York for her determined pursuit of high-quality education for all students and commitment to partnership with diverse stakeholders, teachers and parents. I congratulate her on this new role."

- Betty A. Rosa, Chancellor, New York State Education Department

"Angélica Infante-Green has a rare combination of instructional expertise and experience reforming systems. After working with her in various capacities over the last decade, I look forward to seeing what she accomplishes in Rhode Island."

- Shawn Moorehead, New York Community Trust

"I'm thrilled to see Angélica Infante-Green named the next education commissioner in Rhode Island - and to celebrate the first Latina in the position. It's a huge day for Latino children and all children in Rhode Island. Angélica's leadership is driven by a strong sense of justice - and she will be a tremendous advocate for students, parents, and teachers. I'm confident she will continue her incredible focus on listening and community engagement to make sure educational opportunity is accessed by all."

- Amanda Fernandez, CEO of Latinos for Education

"In my nearly 25 years as an educator, Angélica Infante-Green stands out as one of the most knowledgeable, passionate, and visionary leaders that I have worked with. She is deeply committed to ensuring that our schools deliver on their vital promise of opportunity. The children of Rhode Island have a real champion in their new Commissioner."

- Richard Carranza, Chancellor, New York City Department of Education

"Angelica Infante Green is a highly skilled educational leader with a deep commitment to children and youth. Rhode Island is truly fortunate to have her as their next Commissioner of Education."

- Lester W. Young, Ed.D., At Large Regent, Board of Regents University of the State of New York

"I am thrilled at the appointment of Angelica Infante-Green as Rhode Island Commissioner of Education. Angélica is a consummate professional as both an educator and administrator. She has earned the trust and esteem of her colleagues for her intelligence, integrity and unwavering commitment for equity. New York's loss is Rhode Island's gain. Excelsior!"

- Dr. Luis O. Reyes, At-Large Regent New York State Board of Regents

"Angélica Infante-Green is passionate about working with students, parents, educators, and community leaders to ensure that all students achieve at high levels."

- Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent, Yonkers

"There is so much that can be said about Angélica Infante-Green, but one thing that has always stood out about her as an educator is her passion. She is a perfect example of what a teacher should be; someone who makes sure her students do not settle for anything less that their best in their academics, someone who understands the responsibility of teaching, and someone who knows that what she holds in her hands are possibly the future leaders of this country. And, because of that, she does her job with love, understanding, and pride. I was beyond blessed to have her as my teacher."

- Rebecca Burgos, Former Student of Angélica

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Infante-Green since the 1990s and know her to be an extremely intelligent and caring leader who always keeps the work of educating every child, especially immigrants, from all walks of life as her enduring mission. As the founding principal of a 15 year old middle school, I know, for certain, that I can count on her to guide me, to support me, and to inspire me to do my best in the field of equitable education for all."

- Monica Klehr, Principal, M349

"Schools need to be a place for living as well as a place for learning. Ms. Infante-Green is a true educator, who has spent her career dedicated to assuring that all teachers create a rigorous socially responsive learning environment where all students feel challenged, supported, successful, and loved."

- Yasmin Arias, PS 178 (NYCDOE), Teacher

"We applaud Gov. Gina Raimondo for selecting a commissioner with a deep commitment to creating and expanding opportunities for all students. Through her leadership in the New York State and New York City education departments, Angélica Infante-Green has proven that she truly is a champion for every child. Her relentless drive for educational equity is rooted in her personal experience as a Latina attending and teaching in public schools. Students and families in Rhode Island will benefit from Angélica's extensive leadership experience and her dedication to strengthening all public schools."

- Pedro Martinez, Chiefs for Change Board of Directors and Superintendent of the San Antonio Independent School District

"Only a handful of state education leaders are Latinx or Black despite the fact that nearly half of all children currently under the age of five are people of color, according to Census data. There is a wealth of experience, knowledge, and creative capital embodied in leaders of color that is vastly under-leveraged in the field of education. That is why we are excited about Angélica Infante-Green. Education Leaders of Color believes that shaping and scaling sustainable solutions designed to close the educational opportunity gap among Black, Latino, and low-income students will require leaders like Angélica. She will leverage her experience as a first generation American, as a practitioner, and as a parent to ensure students have the educational experiences they need and deserve to give our students real options and move them out of poverty."

- Layla Avila, CEO and executive director of Education Leaders of Color


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