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Governor Raimondo Wishes Rhode Islanders a Happy Passover

PROVIDENCE, RI- Governor Raimondo issued the following statement today wishing Rhode Islanders a happy Passover:

"Happy Passover to all those celebrating tonight. This evening, Jews across Rhode Island and around the world will join with family and friends for the Passover seder and tell the story of the exodus from Egypt. It's a tradition passed from generation to generation. It's an opportunity to reflect on the resilience of the human spirit. And it's a reminder that each of us has a responsibility to stand up in the face of hatred, oppression, and persecution.

"The Passover story is one of faith and freedom. We must never forget the struggles of the past, and we must always remember that, even in the darkest of days, there is light.

"From my family to yours, chag sameach."

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