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PR 19-05 Maldonado v. Woonsocket Police Department - Violation

The Complainant alleged the Police Department violated the APRA by failing to respond to two APRA requests for a police report related to his arrest, by denying a third APRA request for that police report, and by failing to timely respond to his administrative appeal. This Office concluded that there was no evidence that the Police Department received the first two APRA requests, and accordingly the Police Department did not violate the APRA by not responding. This Office determined that the Police Department did violate the APRA by denying the APRA request for the police report, which the evidence indicated constituted the report of an initial arrest. Additionally, the Police Department violated the APRA by failing to timely respond to Complainant's administrative appeal. Although we do not find the Police Department's violations to be willful and knowing, or reckless, the Police Department is required to provide the police report to the Complainant, free of charge, in a manner consistent with the APRA. VIOLATION FOUND.

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