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OM 19-12 Murray v. Woonsocket City Council - Violation

Complainant alleged that the City Council violated the OMA by listing an agenda item, "Legislative Report," that did not provide adequate notice of the specific persons, bills, or subject matters that would be discussed. This Office determined that the City Council violated the OMA because the agenda item did not provide sufficient notice of the nature of the business to be discussed. See R.I. Gen. Laws 42-46-6(b). We determined that injunctive relief was not appropriate because the City Council did not take any action related to the relevant agenda item. Additionally, this Office determined that there was insufficient evidence to conclude that the specific violation in this case was willful or knowing, but admonished the City Council that its conduct violated the OMA and may serve as evidence of a willful or a knowing violation in any similar future situation. VIOLATION FOUND.

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