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OM 19-37 Celico v. Westerly Town Council - Violation Found

Complainant alleged that the Westerly Town Council ("Town Council") violated the OMA at its September 17, 2018 meeting by discussing and taking action during executive session on two (2) topics not sufficiently specified in the pertinent agenda items and by failing to disclose a vote taken in executive session upon reconvening into open session. Based on this Office's in camera review of the executive session minutes, we determined the Town Council violated the OMA because one agenda item did not sufficiently specify the nature of the business discussed during executive session under that item. We also found that the Town Council violated the OMA by not disclosing a vote it took regarding that topic during executive session. As to the second agenda item, no violation was found. This Office did not find that the Town Council willfully or knowingly violated the OMA or that injunctive relief was necessary. VIOLATION FOUND.

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