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PR 19-42 PR 19-27 Perron v. Central Falls School District - Violation found

The Complainant alleged the School District violated the APRA by failing to respond to her requests within ten (10) business days, and also took issue with the sufficiency of the documents provided by the School District. Because no evidence was presented that the School District responded to the APRA requests within ten (10) business days, we concluded the School District violated the APRA. In her rebuttal, Complainant agreed that the School district had provided the documents she sought pertaining to the requests that were the subject of her complaint and we declined to opine regarding alleged substantive inaccuracies in the content of the documents. The Complainant also alleged that the School District violated the OMA by failing to timely post the meeting minutes of its Board of Trustees. The School District acknowledged this, and we found a violation. We determined that injunctive relief was not appropriate in this case since the School District has now provided Complainant with the relevant documents and posted the relevant meeting minutes. We also did not find evidence of any willful, knowing, or reckless violations. VIOLATION FOUND.

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