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McKee Hears Outdoor Dining Feedback from Local Restaurants

May 15, 2020 - Office Activity Update

Lt. Governor Dan McKee hosted a discussion with a large group of local restaurant owners to hear their feedback on the newly added outdoor dining regulations. The small business owners appreciated the idea of outdoor dining, but added that the model would not work for many of them. They noted that taking reservations, phone numbers and transforming parking lots into dining areas will be too cumbersome and costly.

They suggested that the state's reopening strategies should include more definitive guidelines on upcoming indoor dining requirements. Many felt that they were not getting enough advance guidance.

The participants were vocal about the fact that many of them would be forced to close completely. They also raised the issue of employees not wanting to return to work because they are collecting significant unemployment payments. They added that finding replacements for long-term staff is difficult and training new employees is an additional and significant cost for small businesses.

The Lt. Governor suggested that the group shares their feedback on his Facebook Small Business Virtual Town Hall Meeting so they can present their views to a larger audience. Members agreed and were scheduled to appear on the next livestream.

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