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PR 20-49 Payne, et al. v. Town of Barrington No violation

The Complainants alleged the Town violated the APRA based on the Town's prepayment estimate for search, retrieval, and review of certain potentially responsive documents; the Town withholding certain records pursuant to the client/attorney exemption; and the Town claiming that no responsive records existed for certain parts of the Complainants' request. Based on the evidence presented, including the breadth of Complainants' request, we concluded that the Town's prepayment estimate did not violate the APRA. Based on our in camera review of the withheld documents, we found that they were permissibly withheld pursuant to the client/attorney relationship exemption, although we directed the Town to either produce or provide a supplemental submission regarding one withheld email. Finally, we did not find that the Town violated the APRA by asserting that no responsive records exist as to certain requests. Accordingly, we found no violations.

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