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Lt. Governor's Office Participates in Conference Call on COVID-19 Impact on Communities of Color

April 13, 2020 - Office Activity Update

The Lt. Governor's Office participated in a conference call with local leaders to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on communities of color.

Participants included: Niamiah Jefferson (ARISE, Youth Lead Organizer), Chanda Womack (ARISE,) Dita Edwards (Sistafire,) Ayana Crichton (United Way,) Luis Munoz (Medical Doctor), Anthony Roberson (Public Safety), Sravanthi Puranam (Sistafire & Medical Doctor), Adriana Dawson (Verizon), Jennifer Wood (Center for Justice), Roberto Gonzales (SteamBox), Kobi Dennis (YMCA), Maria Romero (Community Advocate), Rosa De Castillo (Lt. Governor's Office & Community Advocate), Eugene Monteiro (Community Advocate) and Bill Bartholomew (Journalist, Musician).

The group discussed: Addressing the impact of health and institutional inequities in communities of color and developing a multi-pronged strategy to address immediate needs as well as holding institutions of power accountable.

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