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Lt. Governor Encourages Rhode Islanders to Save on Electric Bills with Empower RI

Office Activity Update - May 29, 2020

Lt. Governor Dan McKee has long been an advocate for residents whose electric bills have skyrocketed over the years. Recently, some constituents expressed concerns about a projected increase in rates for the summer months. According to National Grid, the rates currently in effect will remain until October 1. A new rate schedule will be set for the fall and winter months, during July.

In an effort to assist residents in saving on electric bills, the Lt. Governor recommends shopping for lower rates on the Empower RI website. On the site, the Division of Public Utilities & Carriers lists alternate electricity suppliers currently offering lower rates than National Grid's standard offer. To access the site, please go to where current and projected rates for residential and commercial accounts can be found. The Division has vetted the suppliers listed on the site.

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