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OM 20-35 Englehart v. Rhode Island Industrial Facilities Corporation No violation

The Complainant alleged that the RIIFC cited inapplicable reasons to enter executive session regarding two items on its October 24, 2019 agenda. The Complainant did not contest that two of the four purposes listed for entering each executive session applied. As such, we did not find that the RIIFC improperly entered executive session. Additionally, we found that the undisputed evidence indicated that it was permissible for RIIFC to enter executive session pursuant to the third cited reason. RIIFC acknowledged that it inadvertently cited a fourth purpose but we did not find a violation in these circumstances where the undisputed record indicated that the executive session was permissible pursuant to three other purposes and where RIIFC indicated it would take measures going forward to avoid inadvertently citing additional inapplicable purposes for entering executive session.

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