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PR 20-49B Payne, et al v. Town of Barrington Supplement

This Office previously concluded that the Town did not violate the APRA in connection with the Complainants' multi-part APRA request. See PR 20-49. We did require the Town to produce or provide a supplemental submission regarding a single withheld email, which the Town subsequently produced to Complainants in accordance with our finding. After the finding was issued, Complainants provided a supplemental submission offering new, or "clarified," evidence or arguments in support of their position that the Town committed a knowing and willful, or reckless, violation of the APRA and requested that this Office reconsider its previous determination. Based on our review of Complainants' submission, the Complainants did not identify any circumstances that would warrant re-opening our investigation or that leads us to question the conclusions we have reached. Accordingly, we decline to reconsider our previously issued finding.

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