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COVID-19 Compliance Orders Issued

Rhode Island's COVID-19 Enforcement Task Force has issued compliance orders to ten businesses in the last two weeks for failing to comply with a range of public health directives related to COVID-19. The COVID-19 Enforcement Task Force is a collaboration between the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) and Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation (DBR). Eight of these establishments were food businesses and two were barbershops.

In many instances, inspectors observed staff and patrons not wearing masks, and staff and patrons not practicing social distancing. Other violations included serving drinks at a bar without a physical barrier and not maintaining an employee work log (which would be used for contact tracing, in the event of a case).

Businesses can either receive a compliance order or an immediate compliance order. An establishment that receives a compliance order can remain open but will be re-inspected in 10 days to ensure that the establishment is meeting all health and safety requirements. An establishment that receives an immediate compliance order must close immediately because the violations documented represent an imminent threat to public health. When a business is generally compliant with safety regulations it can receive combination orders, which allow them to remain open but require that specific areas be closed until the establishment can comply with all safety regulations.

Compliance Orders

- Asian Bakery, in Providence

- Subway Restaurant, in Woonsocket

- Sam's Food Store, in Providence

- Grab and Go Convenience Store, in East Providence

- John's Meat Market, in Providence

- China Star III, in Providence

Immediate Compliance Order

- Rios Barber Shop, in Westerly

- Matt's on Mendon Barber Shop, in Cumberland

- Andrea Hotel, in Westerly (the business is now in compliance)

Combination Compliance Order and Immediate Compliance Orders

- Liberty Lunch, in Pawtucket

These compliance orders and all other COVID-19 related compliance orders are posted online on the website of DBR -

To file a complaint about a business, call 401-889-5550 or visit

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