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Statement from Attorney General Neronha on multistate lawsuit concerning USPS

The Attorney General is deeply concerned that the self-described "transformative changes" inexplicably adopted by the United States Postal Service, at a time when the country is facing a pandemic that makes voting by mail more critical than ever, will negatively impact the fast, reliable postal service Americans have come to rely on and correspondingly their ability to vote in November.

For decades, Rhode Islanders have relied on fast, reliable service from the men and women of the Postal Service to deliver correspondence, social security checks, other important government documents, and more. Today, they also rely on that fast, reliable service to deliver medication and other items that are necessary to everyday living. And, in November, many will need that fast, reliable service to engage in our most important civic duty exercising the right to vote. To deliberately and without explanation undermine that fast and reliable service, for highly suspect reasons, violates the law.

That is why this Office today, on behalf of Rhode Island, will be joining colleagues from around the country in multistate litigation to ensure that that fast, reliable service continues, and thus every vote cast November, whether in person or by mail, is counted.


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