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PR 20-01B Providence Journal v. EOHHS

The Complainant alleged that EOHHS improperly withheld a number of records in response to its APRA request. This Office previously issued a finding, PR 20-01, which set forth the relevant legal framework and concluded that EOHHS permissibly withheld a number of documents and improperly withheld one document. Additionally, this Office required EOHHS to provide supplemental information and analysis regarding a number of other withheld documents in light of the legal standards set forth in our finding. See PR 20-01. In response to our prior finding, EOHHS provided the supplemental information requested and also disclosed certain additional documents to Complainant. After receiving the supplemental submission, this Office determined that the APRA permitted EOHHS to not disclose the records that it continued to claim were exempt and did not find injunctive relief appropriate.

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