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OM 20-42B Langseth v. Buttonwoods Fire District

This Office previously concluded that the Fire District violated the OMA when it failed to post annual notice of its regularly scheduled meetings on the Secretary of State's website. This Office issued a finding directing the Fire District to address whether its violation should be considered willful or knowing in light of its prior similar violation. See OM 20-42; see also Langseth v. Buttonwoods Fire District, OM 19-27. After receiving the parties' supplemental submissions, this Office determined that injunctive relief was not appropriate and we did not find a willful or knowing violation, but we admonished the Fire District about the importance of ensuring that this issue does not repeat. We also noted the evidence that the Fire District's failure was not intentional and the measures the Fire District asserted it implemented to address this issue after the prior violation, and the additional measures the Fire District has now implemented in response to this latest Complaint.

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