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Travel Advisory Reminder: New Traffic Split for I-95 Providence Viaduct Northbound Now in Place

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) is reminding motorists that a new lane split is in place on I-95 North as the department transitions traffic to the new I-95 Northbound Providence Viaduct.

RIDOT shifted the high-speed lane onto the new bridge with a lane split located right after the Downtown Providence exit (new Exit 37 / old Exit 22). Drivers should stay in their lane and not slow down or suddenly change lanes at the split, as this unsafe behavior will cause traffic delays and could lead to a crash. Both sides of the split continue onto I-95; all lanes go through.

Drivers should use the far-right lane for the State Offices/Route 146 exit (new Exit 38 / old Exit 23), as they did previously. A graphic showing these changes is available at

Again, drivers should stay in their lane all lanes go through on I-95 North. All construction projects are subject to changes in schedule and scope depending on needs, circumstances, findings, and weather.

The Providence Viaduct Northbound project is made possible by RhodeWorks and the Bipartisan Infrastructure and Improvement Act. RIDOT is committed to bringing Rhode Island's infrastructure into a state of good repair while respecting the environment and striving to improve it. Learn more at

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  • Release date: 09-19-2022

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