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Providence, RI - The Rhode Island Film & TV Office officially announced production has begun on Good Burger 2, an all-new original movie sequel to the iconic '90s feature film based on the sketch from the comedy series All That. The highly anticipated sequel to the beloved classic comedy Good Burger will follow Dexter Reed (Kenan Thompson) and original cashier, Ed (Kel Mitchell), as they reunite in the present day at fast-food restaurant Good Burger with a hilarious new group of employees. The Nickelodeon Studios and Paramount+ movie is scheduled to commence filming May 18, 2023 in various locations across the Ocean State.

The 1997 classic feature film Good Burger follows teenager, Dexter Reed and his cashier co-worker, Ed, who try to save the burger chain restaurant they work at after a new burger chain restaurant opens across the street and threatens to put them out of business. In the sequel, Dexter Reed is down on his luck after another one of his inventions fails. Ed happily welcomes Dexter back to the Good Burger fast-food restaurant and gives him his old job back. While working with a zany new group of employees, Dex devises a plan to get back on his feet but unfortunately puts the fate of Good Burger at risk once again. With a number of recognizable cameos anticipated, audience members will surely hear the iconic line of dialogue, "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger…Can I take your order?."

Good Burger 2 will be produced by Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. It will be penned by Kevin Kopelow & Heath Seifert ("All That", "Good Burger") who will also serve as executive producers, along with John Ryan Jr. from Artists for Artists. Phil Traill ("The Middle," "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," "Single Drunk Female") will direct. James III ("Tyler Perry's Young Dylan," "All That") has also been engaged as a writer. Production of the movie for Nickelodeon Studios is overseen by Shauna Phelan and Zack Olin, Co-Heads of Nickelodeon & Awesomeness Live-Action. Brittany Cope serves as Nickelodeon's Executive in Charge of Production.

Actor/Producer Kenan Thompson stated, "I can't believe it's been a little over 25 years since great customer service was born at Good Burger! Being part of something so many generations of people have come to love has made me so proud and now to be back where it all began working on the sequel is surreal! Love performing with my brother Kel and can't wait to show the fans what these two characters have been up to since we last saw them."

Actor/Producer Kel Mitchell added, "Ed is one of those timeless characters that has brought so much joy and laughter to fans, and it's such an amazing blessing to still be doing it after all these years. It's super awesome to come back and continue the stories of Dex, Ed and Good Burger for both the people who grew up watching and their kids!"

Co-Heads of Nickelodeon & Awesomeness Live-Action, Shauna Phelan and Zack Olin said, "Good Burger is such a beloved movie that fans have cherished for years. Packed with comedy, cameos and plenty of Easter eggs from the original, Good Burger 2 will bring the nostalgia fans and a new generation of viewers together for another wild, hilarious Good Burger adventure."

Producer John Ryan, Jr., CEO and Co-Founder of Artists For Artists with Kenan Thompson, added, "The wait is over! I see hundreds of fans a week come up to Kenan and ask him when they're doing a Good Burger sequel. With our fantastic partners at Nickelodeon and Paramount+, and the support of the state of Rhode Island, Governor Daniel J. McKee and his team, Speaker of the House K. Joseph Shekarchi, Senate President Dominick J. Ruggerio, and the team at the Rhode Island Film & TV Office, we have made this dream a reality. I grew up in the beautiful state of Rhode Island, and Kenan and I are excited to return to make Good Burger 2, and give the very patient Good Burger fans the sequel they have been craving."

Governor Daniel J. McKee said, "It's great to see a new Nickelodeon and Paramount+ movie being made in Rhode Island – especially one that is fun, family-oriented and showcases our beautiful state. With our unique landscape and talented local artists, Rhode Island is an ideal location for filmmakers. Every time a production shoots here we see a positive impact on our local businesses. This is the type of energy that keeps moving our economy forward. Welcome Kenan and Kel and "Good Burger 2" to Rhode Island!"

Steven Feinberg, Executive Director of the Rhode Island Film & TV Office, remarked, "We are excited to welcome Kenan, Kel, John, Phil and their talented team of professionals to Rhode Island to make Good Burger 2 a deliciously funny movie. Rhode Island is fortunate because we have superb partners in both the public and private sectors, and we enjoy working together to build a positive environment for the creative economy to shine. I am particularly grateful to local entrepreneur Ed Brady for connecting me with Kenan and John Ryan. Their production company, Artists for Artists, in association with Nickelodeon and Paramount+, will be providing good paying jobs for local, hard-working talent and technicians. Since collaboration is key to cinema, we look forward to helping the Good Burger 2 team produce movie magic here in the Ocean State!"

Speaker of the House K. Joseph Shekarchi (D-District 23, Warwick) commented, "We welcome Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell and the acclaimed cast to Rhode Island. Our historical towns are unique treasures and we are happy that the production team of Good Burger 2 has discovered them with the help of the Rhode Island Film & TV Office. The beauty of Rhode Island cities and towns will be supporting characters alongside the talented actors and actresses who will be propelling this special production. I eagerly await the positive recognition and tourism that this production will bring to our state."

Senate President Dominick J. Ruggerio (D-District 4, North Providence, Providence) said, "Rhode Island has always been a unique and beautiful place to live and work. It is also ideally suited to the needs of the film and television industry. Our small, compact size makes us accessible both in terms of coordinating with state and local agencies and businesses, and in working at locations ranging from city streets and historic homes and mansions to the shore and peaceful woodlands. We warmly welcome Good Burger 2 to Rhode Island and greatly anticipate seeing our state grace the screen once again."

Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Executive Director Lynne McCormack said, "We are grateful for the hard work of the Rhode Island Film and Television Office in bringing this production to Rhode Island. And warmly welcome the talented cast and crew of Goo

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