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Travel Advisory: RIDOT to Change I-195 West Lane Split on May 19 for Washington Bridge Construction

Stay in Your Lane; All Lanes Go Through

As part of the ongoing $78 million Washington Bridge project, the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) will make changes to the current lane split on I-195 West in East Providence, just prior to the bridge, on Friday night, May 19. The new split will feature one lane to the left and two lanes to the right of the split. Just as is operates today, all lanes continue through toward I-95.

I-195 West drivers should not slow down or suddenly change lanes at the split, as this unsafe behavior will cause traffic delays and could lead to a crash. RIDOT will post numerous signs to direct motorists, including electronic message boards and signs mounted to multiple overpasses leading up to the split to clearly show that all lanes go through to I-95.

The new lane split will be located just after the lane drop from four lanes to three after the Broadway interchange. Traffic coming onto the highway from the Veterans Memorial Parkway and Taunton Avenue on-ramps will not be affected, merging onto the bridge after the split. Motorists wishing to take the Gano Street (Exit 1D) off-ramp must keep right at the split. Drivers trying to reach the South Main Street (1C) off-ramp also should use the right lane.

The new traffic pattern shifts the work zone to another portion of the bridge so RIDOT can continue rehabilitating it. The lane split will be in place until late fall.

The $78 million Washington Bridge project will address the structural deficiencies of the westbound portion of the bridge, which carries more than 96,000 vehicles per day. The project includes other improvements to improve safety and addresses chronic congestion issues on the Interstate. Daily rush hour backups often extend as far as the Massachusetts state line today. Final completion of the project is expected in 2026.

All construction projects are subject to changes in schedule and scope depending on needs, circumstances, findings, and weather.

The Washington Bridge Project is made possible by RhodeWorks and the Bipartisan Infrastructure and Improvement Act. RIDOT is committed to bringing Rhode Island's infrastructure into a state of good repair while respecting the environment and striving to improve it. Learn more at www.ridot.net/RhodeWorks.

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  • Release date: 05-11-2023

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