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National Hurricane Center slightly lowers storms forecast but still predicts above average season for major hurricanes; Roberts reminds the Ocean State that “it only takes one” major hurricane to cause catastrophic damage

WOONSOCKET—Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts, chairwoman of the Emergency Management Advisory Council, urged Rhode Islanders to continue to be prepared for a major hurricane after the National Hurricane Center slightly lowered its forecast for the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season, but continued its predictions for the number of major storms.

Roberts encouraged Rhode Islanders to take the simple steps of developing a family disaster plan and supply kit during a federal emergency management drill hosted by the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) and the City of Woonsocket. Checklists for hurricane preparedness can be found on the National Hurricane Center’s website at

“Our message to Rhode Islanders is very clear: we must be prepared. It only takes one major storm to inflict devastating damage to our communities,” Roberts said. “But we can be ready and limit our losses by taking common sense measures like assembling a readiness kit and having a disaster plan for your family.”

The RIEMA exercise was conducted with FEMA Region 1 and the City of Woonsocket to drill the distribution of emergency supplies such as food and water. The Points of Distribution system, or POD, is designed to efficiently and effectively deliver supplies in the event of a hurricane or other emergencies.

Today the National Hurricane Center slightly lowered its forecast for named storms in the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season from its previous forecast in May, but maintained its call for 3-5 major storms. Although the National Hurricane Center lowered the number of named storms, it still predicts an above average season for the Atlantic coast.


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