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Rhode Island Department of Corrections Commemorates Seventh Anniversary of Victim Notification Program: New RI-VINE public service announcement unveiled to raise awareness

The Rhode Island Department of Corrections is commemorating the seventh anniversary of its automated victim information and notification program (RI-VINE), with the launch of a new public awareness campaign. Public service announcements have been distributed to radio stations across the state in hopes of spreading the word about the service. The PSA has also been posted on the RIDOC’s website at

RI-VINE allows crime victims, their families, and the public to call a toll-free number (1-877-744-8463) to learn the custody status of an offender and register to be notified upon a release, transfer, or escape. While created for victims of crime, the service is available to anyone concerned about the custody status of an offender incarcerated at the RIDOC. Many law enforcement officials use it routinely.

“We believe RI-VINE plays a vital role in keeping our citizens safe by empowering them with important information about their offender,” says Ashbel T. Wall, Director of the RIDOC. “While our staff and our partners in law enforcement work hard to ensure that citizens are well informed about this program, we believe the radio public service announcements will increase awareness even further.”

The RIDOC recently announced two enhancements to the RI-VINE system. Those who register through RI-VINE to be notified if an inmate is transferred or released now have the option of receiving notifications via e-mail. New or currently registered users can select either the telephone or e-mail notification option (or both) and can register using multiple phone numbers and e-mail addresses. In addition to the e-mail option, registered RI-VINE users needing to update their phone number or Personal Identification Number (PIN) can simply visit and select the option to update their registration. By entering their phone and PIN, they can modify and add additional phone numbers. Previously, such updates could only be made by phone.

Information related to RI-VINE is also available through the RIDOC’s Office of Victim Services at (401) 462-5203, or on line on the RIDOC’s website ( or via Day One, with whom the RIDOC contracts to administer the RI-VINE system, provides brochures and registration forms to police departments, hospitals, victim advocates, the Parole Board, and the Attorney General’s Office.

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