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Bureau Of Audits Establishes Anonymous Hotline To Report Fraud, Waste And Abuse At RI Resource Recovery Corporation

As a result of the findings of the preliminary examination of the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC), the Bureau of Audits today announced the establishment of an anonymous hotline to report incidents of fraud, waste or abuse at the RIRRC.

“The results of the preliminary report certainly raise the possibility of fraud and abuse at the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation,” said Chris DerVartanian, Chief of the Bureau of Audits. “We must pursue every avenue to expose any wrongdoing so that we can restore public confidence in the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation. Studies show that anonymous tips are the number one way of discovering fraud, waste, or abuse. As such, this is a prudent next step in the examination of the RIRRC.”

After requesting and reviewing bids, the Bureau of Audits has chosen The Network, of Atlanta GA, to operate the toll-free 24/7 hotline. RIRRC employees, vendors and the general public are encouraged to call the hotline, at 1-866-614-0742, to report fraud, waste or abuse at RIRRC, or, to use the Internet at

“We want to be clear that the operation of the hotline is completely independent of the Resource Recovery Corporation or the State of Rhode Island. People should feel free to report any fraud, waste or abuse anonymously and without fear of retribution,” continued Mr. DerVartanian. “It is important for everyone to understand that this hotline is for reporting fraud, waste and abuse. It is not a complaint line or a number to call about service of the RIRRC or other state agencies. That would be a misuse of the Hotline and would be costly since we are charged by the number of calls.”

Operators of the hotline will interview callers, screen out frivolous or inappropriate calls, and send all feedback to the Bureau of Audits, maintaining the anonymity of callers, if they so desire.

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