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Department Of Revenue Releases State Of Rhode Island Monthly Revenue Brief And Budget-To-Actual Revenue Report

The Rhode Island Department of Revenue (DOR) today released new monthly revenue briefs, formerly issued by the State of Rhode Island Budget Office.

The DOR Monthly Revenue Brief is a comprehensive assessment of fiscal year-to-date cash collections on all revenue sources estimated by the principals of the Revenue Estimating Conference. Fiscal Year 2009 total general revenues collected through September 2008 were $731 million, as compared to $882 million for the same period last year, a decrease of $151 million or 17.1 percent. Total tax revenues for fiscal year-to-date period through September 2008 were $557.9 million, or 2.3 percent less than the $571.2 million in total taxes collected in FY 2008 through September 2007.

The Budget-to-Actual Revenue report compares revenue collections on a fiscal year-to-date basis to the Office of Revenue Analysis’ fiscal year-to-date estimate of revenue collections based on the FY 2009 revenue estimate. It should be noted that the FY 2009 revenue estimate will vary over the course of the fiscal year as the Revenue Estimating Conference convenes and modifies the revenue estimates originally enacted by the General Assembly.

Full Monthly Budget Brief and Budget-to-Actual Revenue reports are attached as a pdf file and are posted at

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