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Department of Administration Launches Transparency Portal and allows users to track all state expenditures

The Department of Administration today launched a new website dedicated to transparency and accountability. The website allows taxpayers to see how public funds are spent. Department expenditures are displayed in a detailed, user-friendly format in the context of expenditure classifications with a few easy clicks. DOA also made enhancements to the website. Launched in 2004, allows users to search for State disbursements in multiple ways including by vendor name. Data for both sites will be updated on a weekly basis.

The next portal, expected to be launched in two weeks, will be dedicated to the Office of the Governor. Governor Carcieri commended the Department for their initiative to improve transparency and accountability. “This is a significant improvement in transparency and open government, and I commend the Department of Administration for spearheading this initiative.”

"Transparency is the key to open government," said Gary Sasse, Director of the Department of Administration. "The taxpayers of Rhode Island should have full and complete access to how the state spends their tax dollars, and we will work with all state agencies to develop additional portals."

"The Department of Administration continually strives to improve accountability in State Government," said Marc Leonetti, State Controller. "Along with our partners, in the Division of Information Technology, the Treasurer's Office and we will continue to identify opportunities to expand the website and enhance reporting."

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About DOA: The Department of Administrative provides a wide variety of services to a number of different customers. Some of our primary resource management services include: Accounting Services, Budgeting, Human Resources and Division of Information Technology, Purchasing, Capital Project Management, Facilities Management, Risk Management, Statewide Planning and Legal Services.

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