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Statement by Director of Revenue on Twin River

Gary Sasse, Director of the Departments of Administration and Revenue, commented on the press release issued by Twin River this afternoon.

“The State continues to talk with all parties in an effort to find a consensual agreement which we believe is a better option than bankruptcy,” said Sasse. “However throughout our discussions with Twin River and their lenders, we have always been clear that the State would not support a bailout at the expense of Rhode Island taxpayers.”

“I want to reassure the patrons of Twin River that they have no reason to be concerned about payout percentages or payment of winnings at Twin River. The Rhode Island Lottery sets the payout percentages on all the slot machines, which offer some of the highest payouts in New England, and collects all cash at Twin River to ensure that payouts are made on a timely basis. The Rhode Island Lottery will continue to oversee this important function.”

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