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Lt. Gov. Roberts Calls on Gov. Carcieri to Stop Payment to No-Bid Vendor

Calls Continued Payments “Irresponsible” in Budget Crisis

PROVIDENCE— One day after successfully seeking an investigation into inappropriate purchasing practices by state officials, Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts is calling for any further payments to the Lucas Group be withheld until the investigation is concluded. According to the Providence Journal, the state is scheduled to send a payment of $220,000 to the Lucas Group on or before July 3. “Until we know the full details of the arrangement between Governor Carcieri and the Lucas Group, the state must not continue payments,” said Roberts. “I cannot stand by while taxpayer dollars are being spent with no justification and no transparency.” The Lucas Group, a consulting business based in Boston, was engaged in what was described as a “voluntary” arrangement to provide advice and guidance in the development of the Global Medicaid Waiver that was approved in January. Governor Carcieri has since agreed to pay $370,000 to Lucas Group for services rendered-- without a contract-- in the crafting and negotiation of the waiver. “State money cannot be spent without responsibly following purchasing and procurement laws and regulations,” Roberts added. “I call on Secretary Alexander to provide a detailed timeline of the events he set in motion surrounding the engagement of the Lucas Group and bring transparency to any negotiations with the Lucas Group before and after the apparent dispute over payment.”

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