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Lt. Gov. Roberts to Lead National Discussion on Health Care Reform

Roberts Joins National Leaders to Chair Health Care Reform Panel for the Nation’s Lieutenant Governors

PROVIDENCE— Continuing her leadership role in the health care reform discussion currently taking place in states across the country, Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts will chair the panel on health care reform during this week’s National Lieutenant Governors Association Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Md. Lt. Gov. Roberts will be joined by former Vermont Governor and former Presidential candidate Howard Dean, and former Congressional Budget Office Director and economic advisor to former President Bush, Dr. Douglas Holtz-Eakin. Twenty-five lieutenant governors are expected to attend the Annual Meeting.

“I am very proud and honored to be chosen to lead my fellow lieutenant governors in a discussion of health care reform,” said Lt. Gov. Roberts. “As President Obama and Congress develop health care reform at the national level, we as state leaders have the unique opportunity to inform that discussion and create effective partnerships to move the federal reform forward at the state level. This session will examine how we should pay for health care, provide better access to care and control rising costs. These are exactly the issues we must address here in Rhode Island.”

In addition to her role as chair of the health care reform panel, Lt. Gov. Roberts will participate in sessions on educating our future workforce, coordinating transportation, housing, and environmental policies, and trends in cyber security. Congressional members and officials from various federal agencies will be present at these sessions to bring up to the minute information to the lieutenant governors’ deliberations.

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