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Governor Carcieri Congratulates Lt. Colonel Steven G. O’Donnell on his Appointment as U.S. Marshal

Governor Donald L. Carcieri issued the following comments congratulating Rhode Island State Police Lt. Colonel Steven G. O’Donnell on his appointment as U.S. Marshal. “From the earliest days of the United States Marshals Service, the position of United States Marshal has been a key link between the federal government and individual states. In addition to being an accomplished law enforcement officer who has earned respect through distinguished service, anyone who would fill that position ought to be familiar with both the federal system and the local community,” said Governor Carcieri.

“Lt. Colonel Steven O’Donnell is extraordinarily well qualified for the position of U.S. Marshal in Rhode Island in all these ways. As Director of Field Operations for the Rhode Island State Police, he has worked closely with the U.S. Department of Justice and other federal agencies, and, he is thoroughly knowledgeable of state and local law enforcement. Perhaps more importantly, he has maintained constant and meaningful relationships with neighborhood and civic associations and local communities throughout the state, particularly in urban areas. In this way, he has earned the trust of those within and outside of law enforcement.”

“I have every confidence that Lt. Colonel O’Donnell will serve the nation and the people of Rhode Island with dignity, respect and honor.”

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