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Preparedness Starts With You


As we track Hurricane Bill. It is important for all Rhode Islanders to be prepared for the possibility of dealing with a major hurricane. Make sure you have enough non perishable food and water, prescription medications, sufficient fuel for your vehicle, and all the other necessities you can think of to survive at least three days after the storm. You may be on your own for that period of time. Plan in advance for a possible evacuation. Where will you go? Is there anyone in your neighborhood who may need help? A little planning now could possibly save your life or that of a loved one. Hurricanes pose a serious threat. As the Storm Approaches

�� Remember that a Hurricane Watch means the onset of hurricane conditions is possible within 36 hours; a Hurricane Warning means the onset of hurricane conditions is likely within 24 hours. �� Have a full tank of gas in a vehicle, cash, and your disaster supplies kit ready to go. �� Make sure every family member carries or wears identification. �� Listen to the radio or television and NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards for current information and be prepared to act quickly. �� Turn refrigerator and freezer to maximum cold and keep closed. �� Secure your boat or move it to a safer mooring. �� Fill the bathtub and other large containers with water for bathing, flushing toilets, and cleaning, but do not drink this water. �� Secure or bring inside such outdoor items as patio furniture, kids’ slides, and power mowers. �� Turn off propane tanks. Shut off other utilities if emergency officials advise you to do so. Please monitor our website at for the latest in weather updates and useful information about being prepared.

The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) is the state agency responsible for coordinating federal, state, and local resources to protect the public during disasters and emergencies. RIEMA helps develop plans for effective response to all hazards, trains emergency personnel, provides information to families and communities, and assists in recovery from disaster losses. You can learn more about RIEMA by visiting the RIEMA homepage at

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