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The Public Technology Institute recognizes the Town of North Kingstown with multiple 2008-2009 Technology Solutions Awards among some of the nation’s largest city competitors.

North Kingstown, R.I. – The Town of North Kingstown, announces it has received the 2008-2009 Technology Solutions Award for “Unified Communications and Interoperability in Public Safety” from the Public Technology Institute (PTI). A non-profit organization providing technology resources to local governments, PTI independently ranks the technology solutions utilized by local governments across the nation. In receiving the award, North Kingstown ranks with prominent cities including Seattle, W.A., Houston, T.X. and nearby Boston, M.A.

PTI specifically recognized North Kingstown’s recent Public Safety IPT Project. Working with Atrion Networking Corporation for design, implementation and support, the Town was able to replace its outdated communications system with an integrated IP Telephony (IPT) solution. The IPT solution provides the Town with an efficient means of ensuring the safety of its citizens through: unified and mobile communication across municipal organizations, faster and more proficient emergency communication, digital 911 recording, scalability for the Town’s future growth and redundancy for ‘always on’ accessibility, reliability and business continuity.

“The vision for North Kingstown is to embrace new technologies that will transform the way we deliver high-level services to our constituency,” said Jason Albuquerque, North Kingstown’s Director of Information Technology. “And we will deliver these services in a more innovative, streamlined and transparent manner.”

North Kingstown was additionally recognized with PTI’s 2008-2009 Technology Solutions Award for “Government Transparency through Accountability” under the Web and E-Government Services category. Last year, the Town also received the 2007-2008 PTI Technology Solutions Award for “Providing a Streamlined and Open Government.” In addition to the latest IPT technologies, North Kingstown has invested in e-government solutions allowing its residents to renew permits, pay taxes and access town events, documents, meeting minutes and other town information online.

“The awards demonstrate a forward-thinking approach by Jason Albuquerque and his staff; and highlight his successful abilities in running the town’s Information Technology Department,” said Michael Embury, North Kingstown’s Town Manager. “We will continue to move forward in our efforts to improve and streamline our operations, advance our employee base’s ability to perform their daily functions, increase public safety services and advance the availability of electronic information in a manner that is cost-effective and value-added for the taxpayers of North Kingstown.”

Albuquerque spoke about North Kingstown’s award-winning Public Safety IPT Project at PTI’s 2009 Technology Solutions and Innovations Conference and Exposition on May 12-14 in San Diego, C.A.

About PTI: Public Technology Institute (PTI) is a national, not-for-profit member-supported organization based in Washington, D.C. As the only technology organization created by and for cities and counties, PTI works with a core network of leading local government officials—the PTI membership—to identify opportunities for technology research, to share solutions and recognize member achievements, and develop best practices that address the technology management, governance and policy issues that impact local government. To learn more about PTI, visit

About the Town of North Kingstown: Established in 1641 and incorporated in 1674, North Kingstown is best known as Rhode Island’s sea town. North Kingstown’s contributions are as historically significant as they are unique, including: natural harbors and beaches, summer resorts, Smith’s Castle, the birthplace of Gilbert Stuart, Rolling Rock and Queens Fort, and an impressive collection of original colonial churches and houses. Prosperity in industries such as textiles, farming, fishing and boat building as well as the major naval installations of Quonset Point and Davisville have also played a significant role in the history and economic growth of the Town. Today, North Kingstown is home to over 26,700 residents and stands in the vanguard of a trend that is marking the future of Rhode Island's economic stability and industrial growth. For more information about North Kingstown, visit

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