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Provided by the State of RI’s Office of Library and Information Services and staffed by librarians from The Providence Public Library.


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Online tutors provide live homework help from 2-10 pm daily during the school year (September-June) for students in kindergarten through introductory college. Also available in Spanish.

For more comprehensive homework help, please visit your public library.

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For more AskRI, please visit the complete AskRI Web site, where you'll find even more resources.

How we can help:
  • Locating the appropriate state agency that can handle your question and provide you with other information or suggestions
  • Answering specific questions regarding Rhode Island government, Rhode Island history, attractions and local information
  • Directing you to appropriate online information resources
  • Assisting you with search strategies

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Got a question about Rhode Island, or Rhode Island state or local governments? Not sure where to start? Ask a librarian and get the information you need! Please contact us directly at or via our contact page.

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You may also call the Providence Public Library to speak directly with a reference librarian. Call AskRI at (401) 455-8005 during the following office hours.

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Who we are

This service is a partnership between and the Providence Public Library, which serves as the Statewide Reference Resource Center under contract with the RI Office of Library and Information Services. The service is designed to assist you in finding the information you need about Rhode Island.