The Design

Responsive Design: Now Mobile First.
Responsive Design: Built From the Ground Up for the Mobile Web.

Whether you are browsing on a widescreen monitor, a tablet, or a smartphone, we've got you covered. This is achieved through responsive design, a way of approaching the challenges of designing for an increasing array of devices. The site reformats to fit your screen and browsing preference. We’ve built the site, optimizing it for mobile first and desktop second. The result is a faster and better experience for everyone.

Browsing on a tablet? You'll see integrated navigation, designed to create the most room for the content. On a widescreen desktop? You'll see easy-to-use navigation on the top with extended information and links in the dropdown. To see this in action, try resizing your browser window using Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 9/10. On an older computer? No problem, we’ve got you covered too.

For more on this approach and our other design improvements, read the article by Ethan Marcotte that started it all and dig deeper with our information listed below.

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Have at the tips of your fingers by adding it to your mobile device’s home screen. on your mobile phone home screen

Our Design Also Features

CSS Animation
Animation icon

The first state government Web portal to extensively use CSS Animation. A cutting edge technique designed to play well on iOS devices, as well as select Android tables and phones, as well as modern desktop browsers.

HTML 5 Logo is one of the first state portals in the country to use the new HTML5 document type, as well as improvements to forms, including our new search box. Try out on a smartphone to see this in action.

Web Fonts
Web Fonts

Great improvements have come to Web typography in the last two years. is taking advantage by using new typefaces throughout the site.

CSS 3 Logo

We’re using CSS3 to create the most immersive experience possible for Rhode Islanders visiting using modern browsers. These improvements, while subtle, add up to a more immersive experience that make browsing the site more engaging.

ARIA Roles
W 3 C Logo

ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Application) Roles is an emerging semantic standard for creating better richness in our code. In plain english, by adding new tags to our HTML, we’re able to better serve visitors using assistive technologies, such as screen readers for Rhode Islanders with vision impairment.

Microformats Logo

Microformats embed useful information about our pages into the code. Working behind the scenes, this helps make more machine-friendly for search engines, browsers and new technologies emerging to take better advantage of standard content types. To learn more, please visit:

508 Accessibility
Section 508 Logo

Design changes come and go, but our commitment to accessibility never waivers. Since 2001 has adhered to Federal Section 508 accessibility guidelines. To learn more, read our accessibility policy.