Listing policies

Name File Division Last Revision Date Summary
Data Categorization IT_05-02_Data_Categorization.pdf DoIT 2006-09-29 All state data shall be categorized based on the need for availability and level of confidentiality. This document is aimed at establishing the appropriate requirements for security and management of data
Absenteeism HR_100_Absenteeism_9-22-2010.pdf DHR 2010-09-22 In the case of an absence, employees are responsible to notify their supervisor.
Acceptable Use Policy IT-00-02_Acceptable_Use_Policy.pdf DoIT 2008-02-26 to establish guidelines for state-owned hardware and software, computer network access and usage, Internet and email usage, telephoiny, and security and privacy for users of the State of Rhode Island Wide Area Network.
Accounting for Interagency Cooperative Agreements AC_110_A-10_Accounting_for_Interagency_Cooperative_Agreements.pdf OAC 2003-07-01 This is the applicable policy and guidelines for dealing with interagency cooperative agreements.
Acting Assignments (3 Day Rules) HR_100_Acting_Assignments__3_Day_Rules__9-22-2010.pdf DHR 2010-09-22 If an employee is required to work in a higher positon for more than three (3) days, a pay increase may be imposed.
Active Directory Standand IT_02-01_Active_Directory_Standard.pdf DoIT 2013-03-17 To define an effective, scalable, secure and managable Active Directory forest design and to facilitate one standardized infrastucture for the States Active Directory which will reduce multiple signons and reduce total cost ownership for the States network operations. The Division of Information Technology/DoIT shall govern the inplementation and operation of Microsofts Active Directory on the States enterprise network.
Administrative Leave HR_100_Administrative_Leave_9-22-2010.pdf DHR 2010-09-22 If it is in best interest of the state, employees may be placed on paid administrative leave.
Administrative Procedures Act Regulatory Manual OMB__Adm_Procedures_Act_Regulatory_Manual.pdf OMB 2016-08-01 Provides executive branch agencies with guidance on how to comply with the Administrative Procedures Act as updated in 2016. The APA sets out the process for creating, amending and repealing state regulations.
Adverse Weather- Unusual Conditions HR_200_Adverse_Weather_-_Unusual_Conditions_9-22-2010.pdf DHR 2010-09-22 The director of Administration or the State Personnel Administrator will determine when weather conditions are considered adverse.
Analyzing Regulatory Benefit and Costs OMB_Analyzing-Regulatory-Benefits-and-Costs.pdf OMB 2015-09-01 Provides guidance on how to perform benefit cost analysis on policy and regulations. Analysis of societal benefit and costs is required by the Office of Regulatory Reform (ORR) for all new and amended regulations
Appointment of Authorized Agents AC_106_A-6_Appointment_of_Authorized_Agents_Revised_12-1-14.pdf OAC 2014-12-01 To relieve directors of certain responsibilities, an authorized agent may act on behalf of the appointing director.
Audit and Accountability Policy IT_10-13_Audit_and_Acountability_Standard.pdf DoIT 2014-07-31 to provide the Agency with policy, standards and guidelines for establishing and effectively managing an Information Systens Audit and Accountability program at the Agency
Bereavement Leave HR_300_Bereavement_Leave_9-22-2010.pdf DHR 2010-09-22 If there is a death in an employee's famiy, they are entitled to bereacement leave based on who the member is.
Birth of a Child HR-100_Birth_of_a_Child_8-12-2010.pdf DHR 2010-08-12 New born children are to be added to family memberships within one (1) month of the birth date.
Bond Fund Expenditures AC_217_E-17_Bond_Fund_Expenditures.pdf OAC 2003-05-01 Guidelines governing the expednitures of bond funds.
Cabling Standards and Guildlines IT_03-01_Cabling_Standards_and_Guidelines.pdf DoIT 2006-05-26 Provides guidelines to create a cabling system for IT managers.
Cancer Plan (Optional) HR_200_Cancer_Plan__Optional___8-12-2010.pdf DHR 2010-08-13 Employees are given the option to purchase cancer insurance, which will be provided when hospitalized for treatment.
Career Plan HR_300_Career_Awards_8-12-2010.pdf DHR 2010-08-12 Employees will receive awards after ten (10) years of employement, and every subsuquent five (5) years.
Cash Receipts Cut-Off and Revenue Recognition AC_161_A-61_Cash_Receipts_Cut-Off_and_Revenue_Recognition.pdf OAC 2014-01-23 Polciy aimed at ensuriong that the state is consistent with its financial reporting with the modified accrual basis.
CDL Drug and Alcohol Testing HR_100_CDL_Drug___Alcohol_Testing_9-22-2010.pdf DHR 2010-09-22 Alcohol and drug tests are admisitered in compliance with the US DOT and Federal Motor Carriers Safety Adminsitration requirments.