Listing policies

Name File Division Last Revision Date Summary
HIPAA-DOA's Designation as a Hybrid under HIPAA HR_HIPPA_Hybrid_Entity_Designation_Policy_12-8-14.pdf DHR 2014-12-08
Identification and Authorization Policy ETSS_Policy_10-20_Identification_and_Authentication__IA_.pdf DoIT 2020-08-31 To establish policy for identifying and authenticating user access to information systems and network resources that ensures user access is authorized, confidential and sensitive data is protected, and accountability is maintained.
Identification/Access Card Policy DCAMM_ID_Card_Policy_8-30-19.pdf DCAMM 2019-08-30 This policy governs the issuance and proper utilization of identification cards/badges to State employees and persons authorized to have facility access. Compliance with this policy will ensure that such identification cards/badges are issued and properly utilized to promote safety and security in State facilities.
Impairment of Capital Assets AC_165_A-65_Impairment_of_Capital_Assets_03-18-16.pdf OAC 2014-04-02 Starting in 2006, this policy ensures that the State of Rhode Island is compliant with the GASB Statement No. 42 , Accounting and Financiual Reporting for Impairment of Capital Assets and Insurance Recoveries.
Imprest Checking Accounts A-15a_Imprest_Checking_Accounts_9-13-19.pdf OAC 2019-05-17 The policy/procedure applies to State departments and agencies that 1) wish to establish a new imprest checking account and/or 2) are currently managing one or more imprest checking accounts.
In-State Travel Policy A-46_In-State_Travel_Final_Draft_Effective_6.1.10.pdf OAC 2010-06-01 Policy reimbursing state employees traveling within the State of Rhode Island on state business who do not utilize the State Mileage System
In-State Travel Policy: State Mileage System A-46ET_In-State_Mileage_System_Rev_3.7.17.pdf OAC 2017-03-07 Policy reimbursing state employees traveling within the State of Rhode Island on state business utilizing the State Mileage System.
Incident Handling and Response Policy ETSS_Policy_10-12_Incident_Handling_and_Response__IR__2021.pdf DoIT 2021-03-01 To establish policy for the effective and timely management of IT security related incidents to safeguard State of Rhode Island IT resources, infrastructure, and data.
Information Technology Project Approval Policy IT-07-02_Information_Technology_Project_Approval_Policy_2022.pdf DoIT 2022-03-22 Prior to the expenditure of State resources, the State CDO/CIO will ensure that all major information technology (IT) efforts are consistent with the State of Rhode Island's strategic direction and will be delivered within the DoIT Project Management Framework.
Internal Service Fund Agency Billings A-17_Internal_Service_Funds_Agency_Billings.pdf OAC 2019-07-01 The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to state agencies on how to ensure that their periodic charges from the state's various internal service funds are allocated correctly among their various expenditure accounts.
Internal Service Funds A-20_InternalServiceFunds.pdf OAC 2008-01-01 Policy outlines internal service funds procedure and requirements.
IT Systems and Services Acquisition Policy ETSS_Policy_10-17_IT_System_and_Services_Acquisition__SA_.pdf DoIT 2020-08-28 This policy provides requirements for the IT system and service acquisition process required to assure that information systems are acquired using controls sufficient to safeguard the State’s information systems.
IT-07-02 Information Technology Project Approval Policy IT-07-02_Information_Technology_Project_Approval_Policy.pdf DoIT 2022-03-22 Prior to the expenditure of State resources, the State CIO/CDO will ensure that all major IT efforts are consistent with the State of Rhode Island's strategic direction and will be delivered within the Division of Information Technology Project Management Framework.
Journal Entry Approval and Documentation Requirements A-8_JournalEntryApprovalRequirements.pdf OAC 2017-08-07 Policy outlines approval requirements for Accounts and Controls journal entries.
Liability/Escrow Accounts and Related Controls OAC-Liability_Escrow_Accounts_and_Related_Controls_2019.pdf OAC 2019-01-31 Set controls for liability/escrow accounts in the State's RI-FANS accounting system.
Licensure Policy Licensure_Policy.pdf DHR 2018-08-02 Notifying state employees of their responsibility to obtain and maintain appropriate licensure and certification required for their job classification.
Litigation Hold Policy Litigation_Hold_Policy_10-10-19.pdf Legal 2010-10-19 This policy sets forth the authority and process for initiating, implementing, monitoring, and releasing litigation holds.
Management and Use of State Owned Motor Vehicles Policy Management_and_Use_of_State_Owned_Motor_Vehicles_Policy.pdf DOA 2018-11-13 Policy governs the protections and custody of state-owned motor vehicles.
Media Handling and Security Policy ETSS_Policy_05-01_Media_Handling_and_Security__MP__2021.pdf DoIT 2021-03-03 To establish policy for effectively handling and securing media in a manner that protects the confidentiality and integrity of data maintained on digital and non-digital media.
Mobile Device Security Policy ETSS_Policy_10-04_Mobile_Device_Security.pdf DoIT 2020-08-28 Establish policy for effectively managing and securing mobile devices that store, process, or transmit state data.