Listing policies

Name File Division Last Revision Date Summary
Security Handbook Technical Controls IT_10-07_Security_Handbook_Technical_Controls.pdf DoIT 2006-06-30 Provides policy and guidance to implement technical controls that will reduce the exposure of computer equipment and assist in achieving an optimum level of protection for the Stae of Rhode Island Information Technoloty systems.
Security Planning Policy IT_10-18_Security_Planning_Policy.pdf DoIT 2014-07-31 This Policy establishes the Enterprise Security Planning Policy for managing risks from idadequate security planning through the establishment of an effective security palnning program. The security planning program helps implement security best proactices with regard to enterprise security planning, preparation and strategy.
Service and Support for Cell Phones, Blackberries and Mobile Broadband Devices IT_09-01_Service_and_Support_for_Cell_Phones__Blackberries__and_Mobile_Broadband_Devices.pdf DoIT 2011-04-13 The purpose of the policy is to identify the process and procedures, to be followed by state agencies and departments in the executive branch, for proicurement and support of cellular telephones, Blackberry devices, and moibile broadband devices (aircards).
Sexual Harassment Sexual_Harassment_Policy_Executed.pdf DHR 2018-04-02 Sexual harrasment is not tolerated and is grounds for progressive disciplinary action.
State Fleet Operations Policy Fleet_Operations_Manual_Final_7.19.19.pdf DCAMM 2019-06-28 This policy governs the operations of State Fleet including the use, management, maintenance, and disposal of state-owned motor vehicle and related equipment.
State Fleet Rules and Regulations AC_150_A-51A_State_Fleet_Rules___Regulations.pdf OAC 2003-01-01 Rules and regulations Governing the Office of State Fleet Operations and the Management and Use of State Owned Motor Vehicles by State Agencies.
State Identification/ Access Card Policy ID_Card_Policy_09-03-2019.pdf DCAMM 2019-08-30 This policy governs the issuance and proper utilization of identification cards/badges to State employees and persons authorized to have facility access.
State-Additional Business Transponder Request Form AC_167_A-67B_State-Additional_Business_Transponder_Request_Form.pdf OAC 2014-12-01 Rhode Island Turnpuike and Bridge Authority Form for additional businesses E-Z Passes
Statewide Adverse Weather Policy DOA_State_Adverse_Weather_Policy3-14-19.pdf DOA 2019-03-14 To establish parameters and expectations in the event of adverse weather.
Substance Free Workplace Policy Substance_Free_Workplace_Policy_FINAL_9-17-19.pdf DHR 2019-09-17 This policy is intended to detail the State's commitment to providing a safe, healthy and productive environment for all employees through the assurance that the workplace is free of illegal drugs, establish restrictions on the workplace-related use of legal substances, address fitness for duty behaviors, explain steps to protect and support employees, and assist in providing pathways to treatment.
Substance Free Workplace Policy Acknowledgment Form Substance_Free_Workplace_Acknowledgement_Form.pdf DHR 2019-12-06 Acknowledgment Form for employees with the State of Rhode Island with regards to the Substance Free Workplace Policy.
Technology Acceptable Use Policy IT-11-17_B_Technology_Acceptable_Use_Policy-compressed.pdf DoIT 2017-11-07 Establishes policy for the acceptable use of State network resources.
Teleworking Teleworking_Policy.pdf DHR 2018-06-27 The Policy defines the State's telework program, provides guidelines for operation. It contains general framework for assessing and approving telework agreements.
Transfer E-Form Employee_Transfer_E-Form_062119_3.2.pdf DHR 2019-06-21 As referenced in the Transfer Policy, this Form must be completed by an appointing authority for each employee they wish to transfer as governed by one of three RIGL statutes.
Transfer Policy HR_Transfer_Policy_Final_6-9-19.pdf DHR 2019-06-09 During the course of business, there arise occasions where a determination may be made by an appointing authority to transfer an employee from one entity to another for the good of the operations. Given that there are three statues which govern the transfer of an Executive Branch employee, this policy serves to provide clarification as to the applicability, accountability and parameters of these statutes that dictate a transfer action.
UPDATED: COVID-19 Policy COVID-19_Policy_UPDATED.pdf DHR 2020-03-13 In response to increased cases of COVID-19, this policy establishes procedures for supporting employees who may be exposed to or infected with COVID-19. The goal of this policy is to maintain a safe and healthy workplace, protect the privacy of infected persons, and let all employees know their rights in discharging leave and remote work options related to this disease.
Violence Prevention in the Workplace Policy Violence_Prevention_in_the_Workplace_Policy_FINAL_102119_updated.pdf DHR 2019-10-21 The State of Rhode Island is committed to providing and maintaining a safe, healthy and secure work environment, characterized by courtesy, respect and professionalism, that is free from workplace violence. Therefore, the State has adopted a statewide zero tolerance policy for workplace violence.
Virtual Private Network Access IT_04-01_Virtual_Private_Network_Access_Policy.pdf DoIT 2008-06-30 To define the policy that will provide guidelines for utilization of remote access virtual private network connections to the State of Rhode Island network.
Visitor Incident Reporting and Response Policy Visitor_Incident_Reporting_and_Response_Policy.pdf Legal 2019-01-01 To establish guidelines for reporting and investigating visitor incidents on State property in an expeditious and objective manner.
Weapons-Free Building Policy Weapons_Free_State_Building_Policy.pdf DCAMM 2019-12-23 The purpose of this policy is to foster a safe and secure environment and minimize risk for state employees and visitors by banning possession of weapons and simulated weapons in state-owned and operated facilities.